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Shimano SL-M732 Deore XT 7-speed thumbshifter

These days there are quite a lot of freak mobiles around – and people seem proud to ride them. Back in the day, the thought of running a 29 inch front and 26 rear wheels was unthinkable, maybe a 26 front and 24 rears but nobody continued doing that.
There are some rumours that there were [...]

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Posted in Shimano Deore XT on Aug 24th, 2009, 9:48 am by Retro mountain biker  3 comments   

Suntour XC-Comp front derailleur

Finding the motivation to write enthusiastically for a boring front derailleur is difficult…  but I am going to do a serious try at enthusiastically sell this nice Suntour XC-Comp 1990 front derailleur to you.
Suntour used to be famous for their front shifters, they were so smooth, because their rear shifting was not as smooth as [...]

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Posted in Suntour XC-Comp on Aug 23rd, 2009, 4:38 pm by Retro mountain biker     

Beautiful retro Shimano XTR M900 crankset

It is often interesting to read discussion about vintage cranksets where people sometimes mention the Shimano M900 XTR crankset in the same league as Grafton Joysticks or Kooka cranks.
But there is a big difference between small boutique brand cranks and Shimanos top of the line retro XTR crank, you typically do not have to speculate if you [...]

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Posted in Shimano XTR on Aug 21st, 2009, 11:23 am by Retro mountain biker     

Shimano SL-M730 Deore XT thumb shifter

This is a single Shimano thumbshifter for the front derailleur. If you are asking where the other thumbshifter is I am sorry to say I do not know.
I bought this one because I had a right thumbshifter, but when I received it I noticed that they where not of the same model number (how stupid [...]

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Posted in Shimano Deore XT on Aug 19th, 2009, 11:15 pm by Retro mountain biker  1 comment   

Shimano SL-MT62 Deore DX thumbshifters

There are still retro grouches who prefer thumbshifters and there are still options if you want to run a modern MTB drivetrain with thumbshifters. However nothing comes close in beauty as the Shimano Deore DX and XT thumbshifters of early 90’ies.
Shimano Deore DX thumbshifters are quite like the XT parts but slightly cheaper in appearance [...]

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Posted in Shimano Deore DX on Aug 19th, 2009, 9:19 am by Retro mountain biker     

Shimano PD-M735 mountain bike pedals

Shimano killed the conventional clipless pedal when they released clipless pedals for the MTB in the SPD system. But even after SPD system where released they quietly released these Shimano Deore XT PD-M735 platform pedals.
Clipless pedals ala SPD might be scary, but they actually improve your pedalling efficiency, ironically they might also be a bit [...]

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Posted in Shimano Deore XT on Aug 18th, 2009, 9:57 pm by Retro mountain biker  1 comment