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Zoom 120 mm 1-1/4 inch cr-mo MTB quill stem

Zoom is a relatively famous old school brand that had a line of MTB-parts such as stems, handlebar, bar ends and seatposts. They are probably most famous for the Zoom stem which was OEM-equipment on quite a lot of bikes back in the day and for a handlebar with integrated bar ends called the Brahma-bar. […]

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Manitou 2 CNC machined high end suspension fork from Manitou

Manitou was a frame shop and MTB-thinktank back in the early days of mountain biking. Manitou is known for their original aluminium MTB frame that had some unique aspects. First the frame was made of unpainted polished alloy tubes, some parts of the frame were CNC-machined and Manitou had his own fork, a rigid very […]

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Posted in Suspension forks, Yeti on Oct 17th, 2009, 12:25 am by Retro mountain biker  1 comment   

Answer Taperlite in neon yellow

It is funny that it took about 20 years for neon colors to become in vogue in the bicycle industry again. Thanks to skinny people wearing tight fitting jeans on their converted 78’ Merckx fixies who goes great length in color syncing their silly oversized BMX-roadbikes with neon colored parts (I mean they jump them […]

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Posted in Handlebars on Oct 17th, 2009, 12:18 am by Retro mountain biker     

Pace vintage carbon mountain bike suspension fork

How embarrassing, I have forgotten what this fork was called, but it is a 1994/1995 model I think. Pace is a UK based mountain bike manufacturer who is most famous for their line of aluminium MTB frames made out of square tubing and carbon fibre suspension forks beginning from the later half of the 80’ies. […]

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Posted in Suspension forks on Oct 17th, 2009, 12:09 am by Retro mountain biker  6 comments   

Onza L-bend second generation alu bar ends

onZa or Onza –famous bar end makers- as I am going to refer to them later in the article is one of the most known mountain bike companies during the vintage age of CNC purple anodized parts that would brake if used twice. As I have mentioned previously on my blog I have made the […]

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Answer A-tac 120 mm 1-1/4 stem

The Answer A-tac stem is the original hardcore MTB racing stem from way back in time when a 2.35” front tire was seen as a cheap alternative to a suspension fork. In some way associated with Yeti and FTW, nothing looks better on a hardcore vintage Yeti frame than a bad to the bone badass […]

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Posted in Stems on Oct 16th, 2009, 6:22 pm by Retro mountain biker  1 comment