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Control Tech oldschool bar ends

I am not 100% sure but I think that these are genuine Control Tech bar ends.
Originally bar ends where available as cinch type and internal wedge type, today all bar ends are cinch type, but in 1991 it was not strange to run a pair of internal wedge type neon green onZa bar ends on [...]

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Suntour XC-pro rear derailleur

Here we have a nice Suntour XC-pro rear derailleur.
This was top of the line a long time ago and it shows very clearly when observing the mountain bike rear derailleur.
The front cage is made of aluminium, the back cage is steel. The pulleys are riding on ball bearings, they are still very smooth. The top [...]

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New site launched!

I have some exciting news for everyone all around the world sharing the passion for two wheels and cranks going up and down while stinking sweat.
For quite a few months I have been busy multitasking in quite a lot of areas but I still managed to find time to invest in the most ambitious project [...]

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