Answer A-tac 120 mm 1-1/4 stem

Answer A-tac 120 mm 1-1/4 stem

The Answer A-tac stem is the original hardcore MTB racing stem from way back in time when a 2.35” front tire was seen as a cheap alternative to a suspension fork.

In some way associated with Yeti and FTW, nothing looks better on a hardcore vintage Yeti frame than a bad to the bone badass Answer A-tac stem color synced to hardcore Answer Accu-trax forks.

I have not got all the pieces of the puzzle in my mind but Answer was set out to create the ultimate front end which consisted of the Accu-Trax fork, the Taperlite handlebar and the A-tac stem. This eventually led to the Accu-Trax fork with integrated disc-mount for the Pro-stop disc brake, the Manitou Suspension fork, bar-ends, grips and other cool stuff.

The inofficial story I think is that some Yeti personel created some cool stuff Answer marketed.

This is the rare 120mm length stem in oversize Fisher-evolution size 1 ¼ (aka the freeride fork size from BITD). The 120mm A-tac has a very steep rise IMHO, IIRC the 150 mm A-tac was 0 degree, the 135 mm stem had a 5 degree rise and the 120 mm A-tac had a 10 degree rise (or is it 15 ?).  IIRC the zero degree stem was actually the “suspension-corrected” stem since adding a suspension fork back in the day raised the front of your bike so much that you could not climb anymore (sometimes I wonder how the riders from back then would like todays 80 mm stems with 2 inch risers).

The paint is a bit scratched up, the neon color have lost some of its lustre- on this Answer A-tac stem and there are some chips and paint cracks here and there, however it looks totally retro vintage cool mounted on a Yeti frame.

I have a matching yellow painted Accu-Trax fork and a matching neon yellow Answer Taperlite handlebar also. I do also have a matching Yeti FRO, all with vintage wear and tear. I should put them up here too before the end of 2009 so be sure to visit again, thanks!

Price 600 euro including Yeti FRO 17.5″ from 1991.

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  1. bonnafous
    August 23rd, 2010 | 5:40 pm

    Do you have sold the A-TAC stem ?
    On other hand, I’m looking for an Accu-Trax fork for my yeti.


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