Beautiful retro Shimano XTR M900 crankset

Beautiful retro Shimano XTR M900 crankset

It is often interesting to read discussion about vintage cranksets where people sometimes mention the Shimano M900 XTR crankset in the same league as Grafton Joysticks or Kooka cranks.

But there is a big difference between small boutique brand cranks and Shimanos top of the line retro XTR crank, you typically do not have to speculate if you are going to survive the ride or not.

You see aluminium can be formed anyway you want in a CNC-machine, typically you can even run stress test simulations in a computer before machining a big block of aluminium so you can be sure your nice crank will survive the real world.

But it is funny that even CNC-guru Pong familys first ($600) wonder-crank got a recall, and they were supposed to be industry leaders and ran some major stress test calculations on their crank, still their first generation cranks were useless in comparison with the foolproof XTR crank until they released a new revision Magic motorcycle crank.

Kooka is another brand known for cracked cranks. There are supposedly some versions of their crankarms that are safer than their original cracking crank but if you are willing to risk your life for a little color on your crank, do not let me stop you.

Shimano XTR cranks can be destroyed to, if you beat it with a large sledgehammer (I do not think it would break in two pieces though), but they are well known as dependable and great looking crank with a nice silver sheen and that incredible XTR logo that communicates to your competition that “I am better than you”.

M900 XTR was the top of the line MTB group when mountain biking was more popular than road racing so the whole group was finished in a professional silver finish oozing class and manners. Even if you look into the details of the Shimano crank arms you can see small touches and curves where on the previous iteration of the top of the line crank –Shimano Deore XT- there were none. Dare I say it, it is much more subtle beauty but they are almost as nice looking as some CNC-machined marvels.

It is not as obvious as on the Grafton Joystix but you can tell the designers added some style to these gorgeous cranks.

In used but nice condition, 175 mm crankarm length, with used chainrings in 46/36/24 tooth and with crankarm bolts this nice Shimano M900 vintage XTR high end top of the line unobtainium free crankset is going to land in your hands for only 110 euro. Sold

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