Bontrager 120 mm ahead stem

Bontrager 120 mm ahead stem

This is a genuine Bontrager stem that is 120 mm long with a 10 degree rise *mind blown*.

1 1/8 size.

Seems like US vintage MTB freaks goes off anything drop bar. Just put a drop bar on any ugly vintage steel MTB (or toothpaste like soldered alu bottle frame) and their jaws hit the floor while mind blows up in total awesomeness.

At least here in europe even though JT put road drops on his ugly XXL Yeti we had the common sense of not attempting such dorkiness with our MTB habbits.

Anyway, if you want to explore your sides of dorkiness such a stem like this Bontrager drop forget stem is great since you can remove the face plate completely, and remember, Mr Bontrager himself approved of this stem – how cool, or not.

You want this, prepare to show some para first, at least 12 euro before any kind of action happens from here.

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Posted in Stems on Feb 1st, 2011, 1:08 am by Retro mountain biker   

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