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Suntour XC-Comp front derailleur

Finding the motivation to write enthusiastically for a boring front derailleur is difficult…  but I am going to do a serious try at enthusiastically sell this nice Suntour XC-Comp 1990 front derailleur to you. Suntour used to be famous for their front shifters, they were so smooth, because their rear shifting was not as smooth […]

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Suntour XC-Comp 7-speed thumbshifters

In the long quest of playing catching up with Simano Suntour had a couple of components which were as good performing if not better performing than what was offered by Shimano back in the day.

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Suntour XC-Comp rear derailleur

In the late 80’ies there where two big brands competing to be no 1 in the MTB group business: Shimano and Suntour. In 1990 Shimano was performance wise slightly ahead of Suntour while Suntour components where slightly lighter and less smooth at shifting. Always one step behind Shimano (depending on how you view the situation), […]

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