Control Tech oldschool bar ends

Control Tech oldschool bar ends

I am not 100% sure but I think that these are genuine Control Tech bar ends.

Originally bar ends where available as cinch type and internal wedge type, today all bar ends are cinch type, but in 1991 it was not strange to run a pair of internal wedge type neon green onZa bar ends on your splatter neon Diamond Back.

Internal wedge type bar ends permit the owner to keep his hands where he wants them instead of moving his position of hands more into the center of the handlebar.

These days kids are spoiled by 1 meter wide handblebars, but for some people 23″ is all you need and then mounting cinch type bar ends on a 23″ bar would move your hands half an inch inwards which might screw your handling away.

Just as a cinch type bar end can crimp and destroy a thin hi-end handlebar so can an internal wedge type barend explode a thin handlebar so you got to be a bit careful tightening these bar ends down on your ultra rare 99 gram Klein Thermoplastic handlebar (which you should not ride on anyway if you value living a life alive).
Over to this bar end.

It is made of aluminium, feels really light for being an internal wedge type bar end! But you could probably lighten it more with aluminium bolt on the inside and drilling holes horizontally through the wedge.

The bar end you hold onto has a nice texture and the end of the bar end is caped with a plastic cap.

Visually these bar ends are a bit worn and scuffed. I think they would look incredible in silver with anodizing removed. Or just ride them as they are for that true old school look.

If you are really hardcore and cool, think about mounting them pointing slightly down.

Price: 12 euro

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  1. Olivier
    May 18th, 2011 | 12:15 am


    Nice site. Can I buy these ? I live in Canada and I have a PayPal account. Let me know my email is xyz Thanks !

  2. Retro mountain biker
    May 18th, 2011 | 6:04 pm

    Sorry sold!

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