Control Tech Ti bolt ons blue anodized quick releases

Control Tech Ti bolt ons blue anodized quick releases

These are Control Tech bolt on titanium skewers. They are made out of aluminium and titanium. The axle is titanium and the bolt and cap is made from aluminium.

For a short while I think these quick releases where the lightest of the times but you could not really call these proper quick releases since you need to carry a tool with you whenever you want to remove a wheel from your bike.

Most people do have an index head tool in their pockets during a ride, and most people do not race around the Grundig world cup full time, so the product is that pathetic.

But by eliminating the quick release to a simple bolt you get a really light weight alternative to even “lightweight” quick releases, IIRC a lightweight quick release set used to be close to or under 100 grams.

These Control Tech Ti bolt on skewers are around 50 grams, which is very light.

These are not for everybody but they are crazy light, you have to admit that.

In recent time there have appeard even more crazy “slow” quick releases so these CT ones are not the lightest anymore. But one thing they are is that they have a proven track record and wont break off into two pieces during a ride.

30 euro including shipping Europe. Sold!

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