Cool oldschool picture of retro MTB rider in Stockholm

Cool oldschool picture of retro MTB rider in Stockholm

I thought I would share a cool retro MTB picture from the 80’ies. This is from way back when mountain bikes where introduced to the mainstream market in Sweden.

In these times of highly specialized bikes meant for a single niche it is refreshing to think of classic 80’ies MTB that could be ridden downhill, uphill, trials, trails and in the woods… and even on regular asphalt streets!

Back then, the MTB was seen as a form of tool you could ride all over the place with, in the woods, on the streets, just about wherever you wanted to go, all you needed was a “Mountain Bike” or ATB as they where called for about 17 months.

How times have changed.

If you have time to travel to Stockholm you can find this place on “Olof Palmes gata” street. Yes that is Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden.

Sweden – the land of the Vikings, where polar bears wander in the city streets even in the autumn, fall and winter, but not during the summer so it is safe to go outside then.

But no, I know what you are thinking, you will not find Vintage MTB parts Stockholm based underground bunker stuffed to the roof with green anodized NOS left over parts back from when CNC-parts where regarded not de rigeur by trendy ass-hats working in bike mags of the day.

stockhom-retro-mountain-bike Cool retro MTB rider riding down stairs in a radical and gnarly way omg

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