Custom shaped vintage titanium Selle Italia Flite saddle

Custom shaped vintage titanium Selle Italia Flite saddle

This is a highly unique offering. It is a genuine original retro Selle Italia titanium Flite saddle that has been customized by an unknown Swedish bicycle genius (or moron depending on how you view the item).

Yes, it has been stripped of its original leather!
Yes, it has been stripped of its original soft layer of foam under the leather!
Yes it has been trimmed with an exacto knife on the side of the plastic shell!
Yes, Yes, Yes!!! It has been sanded on and smoothed with bondo!

Yes it must be the work of a true idi.o..t…..

… I mean -a true genius!

If you want to find out why one man went to the great length of stripping, custom shaping and sanding a fine piece of vintage legendary Selle Italia Flite saddle, your ass may find it out for 20 euro.

If you came here from the search engines wondering what all the fuzz about Selle Italia Flite is about it was the best looking saddle on the market, but it was very comfortable too.

The Flite saddle was also one of the first lightweight saddles released but the titanium saddle rails did also give the saddle a more comfortable feeling in rough terrain. A Flite with steel rails did not weight a lot more than the titanium version but it is cooler to have Ti on a bike.

Originally I do not think this was intended to be a mountain bike saddle, but somehow it became an established road and MTB saddle for years to the point people are still looking for the original saddles in good shape to this day.

There is also a modern Flite saddle, it looks really bad though.

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    Posted in Saddles on Sep 7th, 2009, 12:08 pm by Retro mountain biker   

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    1. Kristian Juel
      May 14th, 2010 | 4:11 am


      So is this still up for sale?


    2. Retro mountain biker
      May 15th, 2010 | 3:33 pm


      You want to buy it?


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