Genuine Ringle H2O water bottle cage, second generation

Genuine Ringle H2O water bottle cage, second generation

I am a big fan of the Ringle H2O water bottle cage because it is such a great mountain bike product.

Functionality wise, there are better water bottle cages, it can be a bit difficult to insert and take the bottle out of the cage if mounted to a small frame. The Ringle H2O bottle cage was available in 7 different colors. Yes you are right, most buyers got the red, lavender or turquoise colored ones, those colors that was the most garish and stood out the most. Which meant, everyone who rode a bike with a Ringle H2O bottle cage also did marketing for Ringle, big difference between you and Yeti factory team = you got no monthly salary from Ringle for using and showing off their products.

These bottle cages where made by cutting out a form out of a sheet of aluminium and then wrapping it around a circular shape I guess, I think this must have been one of the biggest cash cows in the product stable offered by Ringle.

I remember there were two different versions of the H2O cage, the early one was made out of flimsy thin aluminium. It was not at all as solid as this second generation bottle cage is. That is something you should know about if you intend to ride off road with a Ringle bottle cage in the future, but for road riding the original much lighter version was fine I guess.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are in the market for a vintage old school Ringle anodized H2O bottle cage is that if you do not get the small aluminium L-bracket your bottle will fly off your designer bottle cage quite fast in off road situations.

Yes, you can probably make an L-bracket yourself out of a sheet of aluminium, but it’s always nice to have the original parts.

By adjusting the size of the cage you can make it grip the bottle better at the bottom of the bottle cage.

In used condition, with some wear and tear, this genuine Ringle turquoise anodized second generation H2O bottle cage is going to end up on your Klein or Yeti for the silly sum of 50 euro. SOLD!

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