ODI Attack mushroom grips

ODI Attack mushroom grips

ODI Attack grips would probably be fairly unknown if it had not been designed by famous bicycle racer John Tomac.

Actually, how much design input that came from mentioned racer versus ODI themselves might be a topic for discussion.

I think it is relatively easy to figure out that any grip endorsed by the most famous MTB-racer of his time is going to sell a lot.

There were a couple of versions of these grips. IIRC the original grip was the mushroom grip for BMX bikes.

ODI Attack was the MTB variant (perhaps there was an earlier version too?), and when bar-ends went mainstream ODI released an open ended variant of this grip so you did not have to cut up the grip (like the cut up grips in the picture).

Probably best used with gloves these grips where never the favourite of mine.

Those who where really cool bough two pairs and mounted one pair on the handlebars and one on their bar-ends (preferably in multiple colors).

These grips are actually still available in stores today (!), however if they still are printed with the “Designed by John Tomac” lettering is unknown by me, what is certain though is that there are no neon color options.

One pair of used ODI attack grip “Designed by John Tomac”, used but in usable condition, would look great on any vintage MTB meant to be used. These grips have been cut up on the ends for bar end usage. Mountable on either handlebars or on bar-ends.

5 euro.





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