ODI Yeti logo grips

ODI Yeti logo grips

These handlebar grips where marketed as “own a pair of Yetis for five bucks” IIRC.

Very funny advertising because I remember I wanted to purchase a Yeti ARC in 1993, and it had a neat price of ‘only’ 1895 dollar, remember though that included a Yeti designed Answer Accu-Trax rigid fork.

Wow what a bargain, jus think of the value in modern China eBay carbon fiber frames selling for 200 dollars right now and compare that with the ARC that was designed to last 6 months on the race circuit (a real MTB race not the pathetic cross road racing that is known today as MTB racing).

So these here are very cool Yeti grips, at least you could afford a couple of grips, and guess what!? – they would probably last quite a bit longer than the ARC.

These grips have been cut for bar ends, too bad. Hardcore Yeti man used to be on the side of the grips, now there is only an empty hole there, as empty as Yeti brand name resonates today with past hardcore image.

So I will be letting these Yeti Hardcore grips go to a new owner for 6 euro.

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