onZa Chill Pills cantilever brake cable hangers

onZa Chill Pills cantilever brake cable hangers

Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I wonder why onZa decided to market their cool MTB CNC cable hanger as Ecstasy pills, labelled “chill pills”. I do not get the connection between drug/narcotics and Mountain biking, but perhaps maybe onZa was having a vision of the future where some Yeti riders of the day would end up in drug busts (if you do not get that, maybe do a search on Myles Rockwell, Missy Giove and Marijuana), yes I know many of you out there claim there are light drugs and heavy drugs. IMHO, there are light and heavy mountain bikes but no such things as light and heavy drugs, but in your free time you can do all you want to do, it is not really my problem, if I do not know you.

One thing you have to promise me though, do not try to swallow these chill pills if you purchase them, because I do not want to get sued for this little hobby I have of clearing out old bike parts from my pathetic $12000 (not eBay value, more like $24000+ if eBay dollars) Yeti box van.

Anyway, let us for a moment forget potheads or original vintage 70ies MTB downhillers playing the violin naked besides their clunker and let us focus on these round cable hangers.

I guess when the MTB boom was as big as the Iphone is today many kids wanted to buy cool stuff for their bike. Because these parts had such a high price brands such as onZa and X-lite decided to sell smaller CNC-looking anodized parts that even 10 year olds could afford = instant success!

Typical of most second hand CNC junk, excuse me, precision, long lasting, lightweight and solid parts these have some marks of usage. But in other second hand markets this is called patina and only adds to the price.

Instead of adding to the price I am going to reduce it.

One fine box of nice cable hangers designed with inspiration from dubious sources in red anodized finish with a stamp of orange onZa logo on the front and two miniature screws and a pathetic over engineered plastic box is now for sale for the incredible sum of only 12 euro.

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