Onza L-bend second generation alu bar ends

Onza L-bend second generation alu bar ends

onZa or Onza –famous bar end makers- as I am going to refer to them later in the article is one of the most known mountain bike companies during the vintage age of CNC purple anodized parts that would brake if used twice.

As I have mentioned previously on my blog I have made the assumption that the popularity of the Onza brand came from the over inflation of the neon orange Onza stickers everyone had on their bike (even those who did not have any Onza parts at all had them), the only vintage sticker that was more popular than the Onza sticker was the Powerbar sticker, one of the most ugly vintage stickers of all the time that somehow sneaked itself upon many thousands of mountain bikes IMHO.

One of the founders of Onza had a bad back one day riding on his mountain bike, with inspiration from his road bike that had a handlebar offering many positions for hands to decrease numbness in back and hands he came up with the bar ends for mountain bikes.

Bar ends is not just a tool to decrease hand numbness, stiff arms and backs, because they actually work really well when riding uphill standing.

Onza created a killer product in their cheap bar ends that where manufacturer in Taiwan and sold all around the world, soon everyone made bar ends but Onza was first.

These silver L-bend Onza bar ends are of the second generation where the clamp have the bar ends positioned a bit outwards of the handlebar to increase space for your hands on the handlebar. They are in good condition but the printed logo is a bit faded and they have some small scratches (nothing that can not be polished out though), they also got the original index bolts and the black plastic caps at the end of the tubes. The plastic caps where easily lost in crashes BITD so it is impressive that the original rider have not lost them on this used pair of Onza barends.

A fine pair of vintage mountain bike bar end historica, yours to own and ride for the silly sum of 10 European dollars (aka 10 euro). SOLD!

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Posted in Barends on Oct 16th, 2009, 11:58 pm by Retro mountain biker   

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  1. Dan Sotelo Mr onZa
    July 15th, 2010 | 4:45 pm

    Actually I was still racing Cat-1 road, when I began to try mountain bikes. Being used to grabbing the brake gum hoods on my road bike when going up hills, that possition was not available on the mountain bike handle bar and found it very uncomfortable to go up hills holding on the the mtb H-bar grips.

    I really began to like MTB riding but I had to do something to simulate the road bike gum hood position, so I cut up two old TTT road bike stems, shimmed up the hole to fit the end of the mountain bike handle BAR, went out the next day to ride my MTB, and BINGO! THE BAR-END WAS BORN! I could not believe how easy it was to go up hills, that day I fell in love riding Mountain bikes. So I called my old partner David Ajiki who we used to work at Tioga, and told him we should start a new business and call it onZa (Spanish for one ounce of weight cause back then the rage was all about cutting weight on bikes.

  2. Retro mountain biker
    July 16th, 2010 | 12:28 pm

    Many thanks for clearing this up, Mr onZa!! 🙂

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