Retro onZa stickers

Retro onZa stickers

I remember when you used to see these Onza stickers on every MTB you saw (or it seemed like that). They came with Onza products, and Onza sold quite a few products in the early 90’ies so no wonder everyone had to put the stickers on their bike in an attempt of making their bike cooler in the coolness department.

Exactly how much cooler a bike could look with Onza stickers is a question I leave to the discussion forums for such matters on the internet and the bicycle press of today, instead let us focus on what the decals are.

As you can see, there are two types of Onza decals. One is a black slab of something that looks like an animal. Actually I think it was meant to be a porcupine of some sort, inside the Onza porcupine there is a cool mini “Onza” logo, or “onZa” logo as they spelled it in some of their early amateurish ads.

From the humble beginnings of Onza bar ends, tires, 400 dollar titanium cranks that disappeared and rubber clipless pedals the company name was eventually sold off to some UK-based trial bike manufacturer IIRC. So that is why, when you today search for “gnarly Onza products,” you find some weird trials bike with the cool logo printed on them these days.

I wonder if you get the same stickers with the trials frame though?

These four classic onZa stickers are yours only for 8 euro. Sold

Genuine onZa stickers
Genuine onZa stickers

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  1. will
    January 10th, 2010 | 3:10 pm

    Hiya,do you have the onza decals for sale still.If so can i buy them.

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