Shimano M900 XTR brake / shift levers

Shimano M900 XTR brake / shift levers

Many MTB enthusiasts remember the first generation Shimano M900 XTR groupset fondly, mentioning such words as ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ whenever someone mentions it.

The original XTR groupset shaved off a full pound from the previous top end, the Deore XT group but it also offered quite a bit more than less weight, at the same time it was different than the XT group.

One thing different from the Shimano Deore XT racing groupset was the shifters.

Gone where the industry standard thumbshifter with the so “important” friction shift mode (was it really that important in the first place?

What is wrong with walking home through the forest one time out of 500 rides with the benefit of having better shifters 499 other times?). Gone where the cheesy Rapid Fire shifters too, replaced by the all new Rapid Fire + system.

Replacing the cool Deore XT thumbshifters and solid XT brake levers (and the lame integrated Rapid Fire XT shifters) where the integrated 411 gram Shimano XTR brake and shift lever.

The brake lever is left off in anodized silver aluminium, a nice finish it shares with the rest of the XTR groupset, the body is also made from aluminium but is covered with some sort of plastic layer while the shifter is black plastic, steel and alu. The XTR logo is clearly visible on the top of the levers and on the shifter pods.

These are first generation (without the lame gear indicator) XTR brake and shift-levers lightly used, one owner only, and have never been used off-road, in excellent working condition and with the rubber covers for the cable ends.

Yours for 135 euro. Sold! for slightly less!


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