Shimano XTR 1 1/4 "evolution" size headset

Shimano XTR 1 1/4 “evolution” size headset

I was thinking of posting some Ringle stuff to the blog to add some nice classic purple (or violet, or 3D-violet or Lavender, depending on where you are from) anodized parts.

But I can not be arsed to dig down the really (I really mean, really) big box on my wardrobe for the “big stash” of high zoot, rare, vintage and unique boutique stuff tonight so I am afraid I will have to bore you with some more silved anodized Shimano stuff again.

The M900 Shimano XTR groupt was very popular in its day but there are some parts from the group that is a bit rare than the rest. IMHO the rarest pieces of the M900 XTR group are the seatpost, the quick-release and the headset (in that order).

Actually, the XTR headset is really nicely made, sharing its silver color with the rest of the bike parts of the XTR group. The ball bearings are nicely sealed from harsh environment thanks to rubber seals on the top and bottom of the headset.

This is the 1 ¼ version (evolution, Fisher size) and it is very used as can be seen on the pictures. There are heavy groves on the outside of the cups but the action is still very smooth although some minor indenting of ball races can be felt (just rotate the cups when installed). The cool XTR logo can barely be seen but packed with fresh grease, the XTR M900 headset feels just as fresh as it was when it left the prestigious Shimano XTR factory back in 1992.





And best of all? -It can be yours for 20 euro (Sold).

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