Shimano XTR M900 Cantilever brakes

Shimano XTR M900 Cantilever brakes

Best kept secret in the bike world is that the more CNC machined a brake was the better it worked.  It seems like that myth have been broken by the mythbusters expanding their knowledge and internet presence on such enlightened places as MTBR vintage forums.

We must thankfully be very nice to these nice people not hiding their information for themselves but letting ordinary people as you and me know that all CNC-machined cantilever brakes sucks in some way or another (the least in the look department).

Otherwise we would all be spending 600 dollars on any old CNC lump of soft alu formed into a brake where seller claiming it is retro and kult.

No, but seriously, a 200 dollar eBay special Grafton brake might work very well, but if you are not prepared to spend a weekend adjusting it to perfection or trying to accept evil squeal when applying brakes may I tempt you with these classics, all star, high five, retro winning combination, the super start, one and only championship ring cantilever brake, the incredible Shimano M900 XTR Cantilever brake, the brake of the brakes holding all spots in the vintage hall of fame. wow..

The Shimano XTR M900 group is actually so hot it is still smoking, the most well thought out mountain bike groupset of all times it still continue to shock the world of hardcore mountain bikers.

The front brake is taller than the rear brake, that is because Shimano knew hardcore MTB riders used the front brake more than the rear brake since the front brake had more power. Originally these XTR cantilever brakes came with super cool long brake shoes, but as with most stuff made of rubber in the bike world they need replacement, so these cantilever brakes will come with no brake shoes. I suggest you find a NOS set of Scott Mathauser pads only because these brakes are so hot they will melt any brake shoe without CNC machined cooling fins on them.

These XTR M900 brakes have served me well, so I will let them go for only 50 euros SOLD!

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