Suntour XC-Comp front derailleur

Suntour XC-Comp front derailleur

Finding the motivation to write enthusiastically for a boring front derailleur is difficult…  but I am going to do a serious try at enthusiastically sell this nice Suntour XC-Comp 1990 front derailleur to you.

Suntour used to be famous for their front shifters, they were so smooth, because their rear shifting was not as smooth as Shimano Hyper glide by the time XTR was released Suntour waved goodbye as a serious alternative on MTB bikes.

XC-Comp is as you probably already know the second best group by Suntour, this particular derailleur was mounted to a Bridgestone frame, so it fits your typical steel MTB frame back when carbon had a reputation of snapping, people though Titanium was lighter than Aluminum and when a riser bar as considered lame.

This nice piece of vintage mountain bike front derailleur can be yours for only 15 euro. Sold!









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