Vintage Yeti cycles catalog

Vintage Yeti cycles catalog

Nothing is more hardcore and vintage than anything Yeti Cycles <1995. There are some serious vintage retro Yeti Cycles collectors out there all around the world lounging for –and paying big money for- hardcore steel frames, racing turquoise parts and the occasional dented but still expensive 1992 Yeti ARC gray/turquoise dart painted frame ”l@@k r@r3 almost new” special on eBay.

Add this vintage Yeti Cycles catalog to your ever expanding collection of hardcore goods and imagine it is 1991 again and you are lusting for that cool new Yeti C-26 frame.

In used condition with a grease stain on it, once bent but ever since kept in an envelope this bad to the bone –but gnarly- catalog of incredible vintage Yeti hardcoreness –the kind of badassery nobody can compete with- can be owned by you for the pathetic sum of only 25 euro.












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  1. bonnafous
    June 27th, 2013 | 3:59 pm

    Do you have sold your yeti catalog ?


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